3532 Coronavirus Mutations Found in India

3532 Coronavirus Mutations Found in India

The Indian government announced on Wednesday (May, 5th) that a total of 3,532 worrisome new coronavirus mutations have been found in 27 states in India. In view of the current surge in infections, the third wave of epidemics will be inevitable.

Yes, for India, perhaps the third wave of the epidemic is unavoidable, and so many variations also pose quite severe challenges to the global epidemic prevention and control.

1. How to control the spread of the virus and prevent the spread of the virus from India in one’s own country is a new issue for governments of various countries.

2. Faced with so many mutations, now it is not only the safety of vaccines, but also the effectiveness of vaccines. Can the vaccine be effective against so many mutations?

The road to epidemic prevention is still very long, and it is not yet time to toast and celebrate.