Bad News: One-third of COVID-19 Cured Patients Have Brain Disease

Bad News: One-third of COVID-19 Cured Patients Have Brain Disease

As soon as the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic appeared, it spread rapidly in various countries around the world. At present, there are still many countries in the world that are still suffering from severe epidemics. The number of newly diagnosed people in the United States, India, Brazil and other countries can still reach tens of thousands, while the cumulative number of confirmed diagnoses worldwide has reached 130 million, which is still difficult to control abroad. The epidemic has made most people impatient, and people in Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries have also erupted in protest and demonstrations due to epidemic prevention and control measures. Just as the epidemic is severe and the patience of the people has been lost, there is another bad news.

The internationally renowned academic journal “The Lancet” previously released a research report. The report pointed out that after combining the relevant data of 236,000 people, they came to a conclusion that more than 3% of the cured patients of new coronavirus pneumonia One of the people has a brain disease. It is worth noting that most of the new coronary pneumonia cured patients with brain diseases are from the United States.

Researchers have found that the severity of the condition of patients with new coronavirus pneumonia is related to whether there will be sequelae of brain disease. With the gradual aggravation of the new coronary disease, the possibility of patients with brain diseases will also greatly increase. This is another major blow to the American people. The current epidemic situation in the United States is the most serious, and the number of patients with new coronary pneumonia in the United States is also the largest in the world. In other words, there will be a large number of people in the United States suffering from this brain disease in the future, which will make the American people feel desperate.

According to public data, the current cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in the United States is more than 30 million, and the cure rate is 76.7%. That is to say, of the 23 million cured patients, many cured patients will have brain diseases. . Earlier reports have pointed out that among the people cured of new coronary pneumonia, a considerable proportion of people have already developed diabetes, and now there is another brain disease, which is simply worse for the American people.

At present, most countries have begun to vaccinate. The United States also hoarded a large number of vaccines. Now nearly half of Americans have obtained antibodies, but vaccination is not everything. Even if vaccinated, the current situation in the United States has not been alleviated, and the epidemic is still getting worse. It can also be seen that the vaccines that Americans are vaccinated are not so powerful.

The attitude of the US government and Americans has always been very negative in the fight against the new crown epidemic. At first people opposed wearing masks. Afterwards, many people did not go to the hospital for treatment after being infected with the new crown virus. They just quarantined themselves and it was all done. , Some people are not even isolated. The United States has always advocated democracy and freedom, but this kind of treatment of the epidemic is not serious, and the practice of making jokes about life is still incomprehensible.