You Would Be A Joke if You Take Coronavirus As A Joke

You Would Be A Joke if You Take Coronavirus As A Joke

British Sky News reported that a fitness blogger in Ukraine who had insisted that “the new coronavirus does not exist” died from the COVID-19 while traveling in Turkey during the epidemic. He was only 33 years old.

This “unbelieving” blogger is named Dmitriy Stuzhuk, and has about 1.11 million followers on Instagram by introducing fitness and healthy eating.

However, Dmitriy, who relies on the promotion of “health” as his career and looks very strong from the above picture, has previously insisted on misbelieving rumors that “the new coronavirus does not exist”, not only did not take good personal protection, but even went to Turkey for travel.

Just after he fell ill and was hospitalized, Dmitriy felt very sorry for his original thoughts. He advised his fans: “I want to tell you how I got the infection, and I hope to warn everyone.” Dmitriy claimed that he was infected with the new coronavirus while traveling in Turkey and was tested positive when he returned to Ukraine. He was isolated and treated because he tested positive.

“I used to think that the new coronavirus didn’t exist. I didn’t know that I was wrong until I got sick. This is not a disease that can get better soon. It is very serious!” Dmitriy said in a tweet.

According to Dmitriy’s ex-wife Sophia, Dmitriy was allowed to leave the hospital 8 days after his admission, but he did not expect to have severe breathing difficulties and even loss of consciousness just a few hours after he left the hospital, causing him to return to the hospital. On October 17, Sofia announced Dmitriy’s death on the Internet. It was reported that the new coronavirus caused Dmitriy’s heart complications and ultimately caused his death.

“I tried my best to save the life of the child’s father, but in the end I found that I could do nothing,” Sophia told the media.

According to reports, Sofia and Dmitriy divorced half a year ago for some reason, but they have 3 children in total, and their youngest daughter is only 9 months old.

What to day, Coronavirus is scientifically existing, and could infect everyone in the world. If you think Coronavirus is a joke, you would be a joke. And if you think it does not exist, you would not exist in the world.