How does ZeroVirus protect us from virus?

How does ZeroVirus protect us from virus?

ZeroViurs portable sterilization bar is a newly virus-prevention tool, which exterminate the infectious bacteria, influenza virus and other harmful bacteria around us. In order to know how it works, let us study how virus infect us first.

How does the virus infect our body?

Let’s take the COVID-19 as an example. When the COVID-19 infects the human body, it enters the throat through the human’s nasal cavity and mouth, and further spread to the trachea and thinner bronchial tubes. Then it reaches the pulmonary alveoli and forming a complete picture of lung tissue infection.

What are the routes of transmission of the virus?

Let’s take the COVID-19 as an example. The main routes of transmission include: Droplets transmission through the respiratory tract, contact transmission, aerosol transmission, transmission through the excreta such as feces.

Normally, in most countries, people sometimes ware mask to prevent virus in the air going to body by breath. Yes, mask works somewhat. But wearing a mask can only prevent droplets transmission. Bare skin such as eyes and hands may still be exposed to viruses and bacteria floating in the air. So, It is especially important to sterilize the environment. Zerpvirus portable sterilization bar is designed to do so.

what could ZeroVirus do?

  • Kill 99% of bacteria in the environment

Carrying a sterilization stick with you can effectively kill viruses and bacteria floating in the air within 1.5 square meters, and the sterilizing rate is higher than 99%.

  • Cut off the route of transmission

The sterilized substance released by the portable sterilization stick will form a protective barrier around the human body, destroying the bacteria which trying to infect and making it unable to metabolize and grow until it dies. Cut off the route of transmission of pathogenic factors such as COVID-19, influenza virus, and formaldehyde.

  • Small tips for masks recycling

The bacteria and viruses attached to the mask will be completely killed after putting the mask and the portable sterilization stick together in the valve bag for 30 minutes, and you can reuse it at this time.

But please keep in mind, the last step is sterilization when the mask is produced in the factory. The sterilized material used in the mask factory is chlorine dioxide, which is the same thing released by the portable sterilization stick. In the valve bag, the concentration of chlorine dioxide will gradually increase and adsorb on the mask. It can destroy the cell walls of bacteria and make it unable to metabolize and grow until it dies.

Although the portable sterilization bar can sterilize the mask, it is not recommended to reuse the mask multiple times for your health.

  • More convenient to carry on

Chlorine dioxide is the only component of the portable sterilization bar,which is a strong and safe sterilizing agent recognized by international and suitable for all occasions that require sterilization. It can form a protective cover for the whole body and kill all bacteria floating in the air when you carry it.

How does the sterilization stick kill virus?

Taking the COVID-19 as an example. Diagnosis and Treatment scheme of COVID-19 Pneumonia (5th Trial Version) clearly points out that 75% alcohol, chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid, and chloroform can effectively inactivate the virus.Chlorine-containing disinfectants are familiar to the public such as 84 disinfectants, bleaching powder, and chlorine dioxide.

The small molecule of chlorine dioxide released by the portable sterilization stick actively recognizes the virus through the targeting action, directly enters the virus, destroys and kills it to achieves the purpose of protecting your health. The portable sterilization stick has been proven to kill COVID-19.

what is chlorine dioxide? please get from wikipedia.

Where and when is better for Zerovirus work?

On the way out and commute, the portable sterilization stick will form a protective cover around you which bacteria cannot penetrate.

It is inevitable that human sebum and dander will be attached to handrails and seats during they taking vehicles, and the viruses can attached and transmitted through these carriers.

In the office and classroom, the bacteria can’t be close to human body, so people are less likely to get sick naturally. Environments such as offices and classrooms are relatively closed and have poor air circulation. There are bunch of students in the class will be infected if someone sneezes. Students and white-collar workers need to pay particular attention to personal protection in the workplace.

After back to home, put the mask and the sterilization stick together in a valve bag. The bacteria attached to the mask will be completely killed. And the mask can be recycling.

Experts point out: ‘High pressure and high temperature can easily damage the structure of the mask and greatly reduce its protective effect. Washing and drying may also deform the mask. Blowing the mask with a hair dryer may also blow the virus on the mask everywhere. Some types of masks may contain metal components. If they are sterilized by a microwave oven may cause fire and explosion.’

Using instructions of the sterilization stick

Open the package, take out the portable sterilization stick and bend it gently until you hear the sound of ‘bang’, and then shake it up and down until the internal liquid turns yellow. At this moment, the activation of the sterilization stick is successful. Finally, put it in a pen-type special container and take it with you.

Using instructions of the valve bag

Putting the stuffs that need to be sterilized, such as masks (or other personal stuffs that need to be sterilized), into the valve bag with the portable sterilization stick and taking them out after 30 minutes to complete the sterilization of the mask.

If there are babies in your home, you can also use portable sterilization stick to sterilize baby’s stuffs such as pacifiers and tableware.

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