Coronavirus: LCD Display non-contact infrared thermometer For Body C/F Selection Surface Temperature

Coronavirus: LCD Display non-contact infrared thermometer For Body C/F Selection Surface Temperature

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This product is a non-contact infrared thermometer a professional human body temperature measurement and the part surface temperature, can be used to measure the temperature of the human body and baby bottles, rice paste, take a shower or bath water temperature, room temperature environment. The use of advanced infrared temperature measurement technology is made, can quickly measure the target temperature, and intelligent analysis and processing, 0.5 seconds to display the measurement result.

Product Name Non contact forehead infrared thermometer
Material ABS
Measurement time ≤2 seconds
Temperature measure range 34°— 42.9°
Measurement distance 5—15 cm


  • The use of a machine, composite function, human body model: 34.8-42.4 degrees, surface mode: 0-100 degree of super wide temperature measurement range, measurement of environmental temperature, baby bottles, rice paste and the bath water temperature.

  • Quick, accurate: 0.5 seconds precision temperature measurement, measurement error is plus or minus 0.2 deg..

  • The non-contact temperature measurement: 5-10cm temperature, without touching the skin of human body, safety and health, to prevent cross infection.

  • Convenient and practical: a key measurement, simple operation. Memory function: 32 groups of measured data are stored, to facilitate comparison and analysis.

  • (color backlight warning alarm): normal temperature display green backlight, backlight display orange fever, high fever shows red backlight, easy to distinguish.

  • Fever tips: sound, display and backlight and suggest a fever.

  • High temperature alarm. You can set the alarm temperature.

  • Unit conversion: degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit can convert each other.

  • Modify settings: you can modify the parameters setting, in order to adapt to the different skin color (white, black, yellow and so on). The automatic shutdown: 15 seconds without operation automatic shutdown, energy saving. The automatic data maintaining function.

  • Automatic selection range.

  • Buzzing prompt function (can be off).

User Guide

1. Unpacking

Open the single-packed color box, take out the plastic box containing the thermometer,open the plastic box, and then take out the thermometer.

2. Preventive Inspection

  • The thermometer should be calibrated before measurement so as to check the function of all components and maintain the good performance of the thermometer
  • Sufficient power supply should be ensured.
  • After the thermometer is packaged, it is allowed to be transported by usual means of transportation, but it should be free from rain, moisture, squeeze and mechani calcollision

Advice before use

Infrared forehead thermometers have high requirements on the surrounding environment. The correct method of use is the key to accurate testing.

  • This product is an infrared forehead thermometer that professionally measures the temperature of the human body. According to the difference of human skin, the measured temperature will be different.
  • When the room temperature changes greatly, the infrared frontal thermometer should be placed in the room for 20 minutes before use.
  • When the person to be measured comes from a place with a large difference in temperature from the measurement environment, they should stay in the test environment for at least 5 minutes, and wait until the temperature is consistent with the environment before measuring.
  • The environment around the person to be tested must be stable. Do not test in places with large air flow such as fans and air outlets of air conditioners.


  • Please do not use in the environment that does not meet the requirements.
  • Please do not stay near the electromagnetic range (such as radio, mobile phone, etc.), otherwise it will affect product performance.
  • Please do not bump or drop this product, if it is damaged, stop using it.
  • Please wipe the surface of the product with alcohol gentaly when it needs clean.
  • If there is a problem with the product, do not attempt to repair it yourself, please contact your dealer,
  • In view of the many factors that affect the accuracy of the measurement, this product is not a substitute for a doctor’s diagnosis. It is only used for screening. If an abnormality occurs, please seek medical treatment in time.

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