ZeroVirus Space Portable Sterilization Bar

ZeroVirus Space Portable Sterilization Bar

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Extermination of the infectious bacteria, influenza virus and other harmful bacteria around us.


  1. Kill 99% of bacteria in the environment

Carrying a sterilization stick with you can effectively kill viruses and bacteria floating in the air within 1.5 square meters, and the sterilizing rate is higher than 99%.

  1. Cut off the route of transmission

The sterilized substance released by the portable sterilization stick will form a protective barrier around the human body, destroying the bacteria which trying to infect and making it unable to metabolize and grow until it dies. Cut off the route of transmission of pathogenic factors such as COVID-19, influenza virus, and formaldehyde.

  1. Light and Easy to Carry Around

Chlorine dioxide is the only component of the portable sterilization stick,which is a strong and safe sterilizing agent recognized by international and suitable for all occasions that require sterilization. It can form a protective cover for the whole body and kill all bacteria floating in the air when you carry it.

How Does ZeroVirus Work?

Taking the COVID-19 as an example. Diagnosis and Treatment scheme of COVID-19 Pneumonia (5th Trial Version) clearly points out that 75% alcohol, chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid, and chloroform can effectively inactivate the virus.Chlorine-containing disinfectants are familiar to the public such as 84 disinfectants, bleaching powder, and chlorine dioxide.

The small molecule of chlorine dioxide released by the portable sterilization stick actively recognizes the virus through the targeting action, directly enters the virus, destroys and kills it to achieves the purpose of protecting your health. The portable sterilization stick has been proven to kill COVID-19.

24H Protection

Q&A of ZeroVirus Sterilization Bar

Is Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) harmful to Health?

NO. A large number of experimental studies show that chlorine dioxide is a safe, non-toxic disinfectant, no carcinogenicity, teratogenic and mutation-causing result. And also it does not produce chlorination reactions with organic matter during the disinfection process. However, due to its extremely strong oxidizing power, chlorine dioxide should be avoided at high concentrations (> 500ppm). When the concentration is less than 500ppm, its impact on the human body can be ignored, and below 100ppm will not have any impact on the human body, including physiological and biochemical effects.

It has no sensitizing effect on the skin.

In fact, the conventional concentration of chlorine dioxide is much lower than 500ppm, generally only around tens of ppm.

Therefore, chlorine dioxide is also recognized internationally as a safe and non-toxic green disinfectant.

Any more helpful usage of ZeroVirus Portable Sterilization Bar?

Zerovirus Bar could be used to clean and remove the weird smells in refrigerator and sport shoes, to sterilize the tableware and supplies for little baby, and clear up formaldehyde in small spaces.

Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidant, will it explode?

The total amount of Chlorine dioxide in ZeroVirus Space Portable Sterilization Bar is not so big, and meanwhile there is a slow-release shell to control the amount of release. Therefore, it would not cause a high concentration in a small space, and this pen-type housing is not a sealed container, just for convenience. The harm or usefulness of any substance cannot be separated from measurement. It is unscientific to talk about the harmfulness or benefit only by looking at the substance itself.

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