Coronavirus:Fauci: Young is Not Safe and Free to COVID-19

Coronavirus:Fauci: Young is Not Safe and Free to COVID-19

On August 17, 2020 local time, US Chief Infectious Disease Expert Anthony Fauci said: “We’d better not think that ‘young people who are not in the hospital are okay, and it’s okay to get them infected.’ No, that’s not possible.”

He said at the briefing of the American Society of Microbiology: “For those who are young and healthy, they do not need hospitalization, but they do get sick. If the symptoms are severe, they will be bedridden for 1 to 3 weeks, and then they will get better. Virus, but they will have residual symptoms for weeks or even months.”

Fauci said: “But subsequent examinations of many people showed that there was a very high proportion of cardiovascular abnormalities, and MRI and PET scans showed evidence of myocarditis, which is evidence of new myocardial problems.”

He said: “This is really troublesome because it evolves every day. These people should have recovered from the new coronary pneumonia.”

Fauci emphasized: “I assure you that if we have this discussion again in six months to a year, we will review the literature on the long-term harmful effects of outpatients.”