N95/KN95 Protective Mask with Elastic Ear Loop

N95/KN95 Protective Mask with Elastic Ear Loop

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Medical protective masks are commonly known as N95/KN95 masks. The filtration efficiency of medical protective masks for non-oily 0.3μm particles is greater than 95%. The medical protective masks have a good fit with the wearer’s face, which can filter particles in the air and block flying. Contaminants such as foam, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc., can filter non-oily particles by more than 95%, and are commonly used as personal protective equipment for airborne diseases.

The protection is high, and the breathability and hygroscopicity of the mask are also deteriorated. This means that the comfort of wearing is reduced, and the wearing time should not be too long.

For the general public who are not high-risk occupational groups, it is not necessary to wear N95 masks to prevent new coronavirus pneumonia. Medical surgical masks can also block most of the virus that is stuck on the droplets from entering the respiratory tract.


  • Particulates Blocking

  • Flue protection

  • Droplets and Liquid Blocking

  • Virus and bacteria Blocking


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