Washington Post: The Government Mislead Many Americans to Disbelieve That Coronavirus Really Exists

Washington Post: The Government Mislead Many Americans to Disbelieve That Coronavirus Really Exists

In November, the number of confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia in the United States exceeded 4 million, a record high in a single month. However, in this case, there are still many Americans who do not believe that the new coronavirus is real.

Recently, the American “Washington Post” reporter Jacqueline spoke publicly about her illness and recovery process. She said that people do not believe in the existence of the new coronavirus. In the final analysis, it is the wrong guidance and propaganda of the US government. She hopes that her experience can change the perception of these people.

When sharing her experience, Jacqueline wrote that during the general election, she had been to Georgia and participated in an outdoor campaign rally of about 20,000 people. Most of the people present did not wear a mask. She may have contracted new coronavirus pneumonia there.

Jacqueline: A congressional aide in the Republican camp encouraged me to write about my experience of contracting new coronavirus pneumonia, because his boss did not think the new coronavirus was real.

In fact, many ordinary Americans do not believe in the existence of new coronavirus pneumonia. In the middle of this month, an emergency room nurse in South Dakota, USA, said in an interview with American media that even some infected people did not believe in the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic until they died.

Jody Dolin, nurse in the emergency room of a hospital in South Dakota: People will find many excuses to say that this is not new coronavirus pneumonia, they will say it is flu, pneumonia, and some even say it is lung cancer. Even if the test result is in front of you, some people still don’t want to believe it.

Jacqueline said that the public’s disbelief in the real existence of the new coronavirus, refusal to wear masks or non-compliance with social distancing, etc. are not unrelated to the false propaganda of the US government. In the article, she wrote: “The U.S. government has repeatedly and erroneously insisted that the U.S. epidemic is at an’turning point’ before the election.” In the early stage of the epidemic, which was the most critical time for the control of the epidemic, the U.S. government had many times. “The new coronavirus is not dangerous” and “the new coronavirus will disappear on its own”.

Jacqueline also mentioned that being able to get a good treatment has a lot to do with her white identity.

Jacqueline: The experience of the past few weeks has made me understand that as a white I am very lucky to be well taken care of (after infection), and my boss insisted that I rest for two weeks. time. During this period, I think I am lucky, not everyone is like me, and many Americans cannot get the treatment they deserve.

Indeed, those African Americans with low incomes and inadequate medical insurance services have been hit harder. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States show that the diagnosis rate, hospitalization rate and death rate of African Americans are 2.6 times, 4.7 times and 2.1 times that of whites, respectively.