Coronavirus: 6 Worse Features of Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus: 6 Worse Features of Coronavirus in India

Now the outside world simply doesn’t understand the real situation in India, because Indians themselves don’t know how far the epidemic has reached. Dr. Pradeep from SenhaSassoon General Hospital gave more details which shows more worse changes of coronavirus in India.

**1. The new coronavirus has evolved its ability to spread all-weather **

In the past, all viruses spread through the respiratory tract occurred in winter and subsided in summer, because in winter, everyone likes to stay in the house, where the air is not circulating, and the sputum spewed out by someone can easily run into another person’s nasal cavity. In the high temperature in summer, the sprayed saliva evaporates quickly, and the virus cannot stay in the air for a long time. Now the new crown virus has ignored this. The recent highest temperature in many parts of India has exceeded 40 degrees, which can not stop the spread of the virus. So this year, no one expects that the epidemic will subside with the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere.

2. The coronavirus can cause false negatives in nasopharyngeal swabs, which has never happened before

Generally, if the virus spreads through the respiratory tract, the initial infection location must be the upper respiratory tract, so you can definitely detect the virus by doing a nasopharyngeal swab test, but now this thing can skip the nasopharynx and go directly to the lungs. I will ask you if you are awesome! At the same time, all the evidence previously used to determine whether it is infected is at risk of invalidation. Think about it. Someone has a negative nasopharyngeal swab and does not have a fever or cough. According to the previous diagnosis method, this person is not a new coronavirus patient, but he is exactly the patient.

3. The course of the disease is very short and the rate of deterioration is extremely fast

This has never happened before. The patient can develop from almost no symptoms to a dying state in less than a day. It used to take more than ten days or even more than twenty days of the disease course, and now it can be concentrated in one day, and the death rate is very fast.

4. People who used to be asymptomatically infected are at higher risk

For those who used to be asymptomatically infected, virus antibodies have already been produced in their bodies, and now the newly discovered virus strains in India can make these people re-infect and get sick. This gratifying will face a higher risk. This is the so-called ADE effect. Previously, the immune system had eliminated the new coronavirus in the body and produced antibodies. In the face of new mutated viruses, the immune system may not be able to arouse the work of the immune system, leading to body infections.

5. The effect of the vaccine may be ineffective

Since the second outbreak of the epidemic in India, too many patients who had been vaccinated have re-infected and died. Especially Pfizer vaccine, and AstraZeneca vaccine, which is banned in Europe. The newly discovered mutant virus strains in India appear to be immune to these vaccines. The vaccine needs to be further upgraded.

6. Children are at increased risk of infection and death

The previous coronavirus mainly harmed the elderly. The older the age, the higher the risk of death. On the contrary, children will not die too much. It’s different now. Children will die within 10 hours at the earliest. At the beginning, they will have no symptoms at all. Once the onset occurs, the blood oxygen concentration drops rapidly, and then they die.

There are many reasons for the outbreak of the epidemic in India. There is no diagnosis without testing. This wrong policy has caused the virus to mutate and spread rapidly in India. At present, the Indian government has been unable to control the spread of the virus. The best The solution may be the blockade of the entire Indian country, but Western countries may not think so.

At present, India still has many flights to all parts of the world every day. This is a very dangerous phenomenon and may lead to very terrifying consequences. Remember, the epidemic still exists, and it will even last longer.