Coronavirus: A Fast and Effective COVID-19 Testing for Global Air Travel

Coronavirus: A Fast and Effective COVID-19 Testing for Global Air Travel

On September 23, 2020, many large airlines around the world called together: All countries should conduct a unified test for the coronavirus on all international flight passengers, so as to promote the recovery of the civil aviation industry!

Many major airlines around the world called on governments of all countries to implement new coronavirus testing at the airport for all departing international passengers, and to replace the quarantine measures against the epidemic that have almost completely stopped international travel.

The reason for these civil aviation companies is that this method can ensure that healthy passengers can take international flights normally, instead of excluding almost everyone from taking the flight, or requiring a large number of passengers to be quarantined for 14 days after arrival. Save the civil aviation and tourism industries of all countries.

The President of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents these airlines, stated at an online media briefing that it is expected that in the “coming weeks”, non-medical personnel will be able to use fast and affordable antigen detection methods that will be used quickly. The airport detects passengers who are ready to board.

The chairman also said that the test method is expected to be quickly promoted under globally recognized standards.

Dejuniak, chairman of the International Air Transport Association, said: “We don’t see any less difficult or more effective alternatives.”

The global airlines that have been hit by the pandemic are pressing governments to allow them to take other measures to replace the “comprehensive travel restrictions” that are still preventing the recovery of international air traffic.

For example, with the recovery of the number of new coronavirus cases in Europe, European countries are now beginning to tighten restrictions on the aviation industry, which puts airlines at risk of possible bankruptcy.

De Juniak said that as the price of rapid antigen testing drops to $7 per item, airlines will strive to be recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to use this method to quickly test passengers. The International Civil Aviation Organization is the United Nations agency responsible for overseeing global aviation regulations.

The International Air Transport Association believes that the test capacity of this test method will rapidly increase to millions of times a day, and the actual test work carried out at the airport will be gradually carried out from the end of October to the end of the year, “helping to alleviate some of the risks in the winter. “Djuniak told the media.

He said that a global agreement needs to be reached to ensure that the destination country uniformly accepts the test results of all passengers at the airport of the departure country. “It will also increase the confidence of passengers because everyone on the plane has been tested.”

A month ago, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) advocated for new rules to recognize laboratory PCR test results 48 hours before departure.

De Juniak said on Tuesday that compared with the previous situation, the last-minute airport check before boarding is more effective because it “closes all the possibilities of cheating and omissions” and prevents forgery of certificates. Or a test loophole caused by infection within a short time before travel.

The antigen detection speed is faster, but the sensitivity is lower, so it is more likely to miss positive cases than the PCR method, and the accuracy gap between the two has been narrowing.

Among the companies promoting new detection methods, German diagnostic expert Zia said earlier this month that it has planned to launch a new coronavirus antigen test, which can get results within 15 minutes, and can be used in airports or stadiums to control crowd access.