Coronavirus: Who Could Be Trusted, Trump or CDC?

Coronavirus: Who Could Be Trusted, Trump or CDC?

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic in February, the United States is currently in the most severely affected country in the world. It is obvious that the US government has encountered many problems in response to the epidemic, and the people have expressed various voices and crazy measures in how to deal with the epidemic. One of the most important reasons is that the Trump administration and the CDC often have different voices, causing confusion among the people and the state governments. Trust President Trump or CDC scientists? Believe in politics or science? It is a problem.

Recently, President Trump vowed to announce on television that the United States has made a major breakthrough in vaccine development. He said that: “You know what we are doing is incredible because we will have a vaccine in a few weeks, maybe 4 weeks, maybe 8 weeks… We have many great companies. It will be before the election. Is it possible? Given our current research, once we have a vaccine, we will launch vaccine delivery immediately.”

But Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, had different idea at the Congressional hearing the next day. He said like that: “I think that the vaccine will initially be available sometime between November and December, but the supply is very limited. The priority must be considered. If you ask me, when will this vaccine be available to the American public and we can return to normal life through the vaccine, I think it may not be until the end of the second quarter or the third quarter of 2021. "

This means that before the general election on November 3, large-scale vaccine delivery is impossible! The American people’s heart that had just been soothed by President Trump suddenly came up again. To defend his dignity, President Trump later reiterated at a press conference: “No, I think he was wrong to say that. This is wrong information. This is wrong information. I think he is confused. I am confused. I think he might have misunderstood the problem. We will start distributing the vaccine immediately after it is released, maybe in October or later in October, we are preparing much faster than he (Redfield) said.”

At the same time, at the Congressional hearing, Redfield also emphasized: “I can even say that masks are more effective in protecting me from infection than vaccination, and the effectiveness after vaccination may be 70%. If there is no any immune response, the vaccine will not protect me, but the mask can.” In other words, as the director of the CDC, he was not fully confident in the effect of the vaccine. So, as an expert, the importance of masks was finally realized. The United States is not China, and the situation is still very serious. You have to wear masks. However, this is contrary to President Trump’s usual words and deeds. You know, Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask. If he can, he will not wear it. Many of his supporters do not wear mask as well. Therefore, Trump likes to talk about vaccines, and about vaccines to give Americans hope.

When Dr. Fauci, an expert in infectious diseases, answered “Why is Europe doing better than the United States,” he lamented that this is a complicated question. Then he said a lot: “Look at the situation in Europe, (in the face of the epidemic) they have implemented suspension and closed policies, and people have also entered quarantine places. No matter how you describe them, more than 95% of the people in the country have done it. But look at what we have done. Even though we have stopped work and faced many difficulties, in fact, our entire country has only really stopped work by about half.” It is clear that the doctor seemed helpless, with more than enough energy.

However, President Trump does not think so. Anything that is inconsistent with his ideas and opinions is wrong. Because no one knows the new coronavirus better than anyone else, no one knows vaccines better than him.