Coronavirus: How to Protect Yourself in Top 10 Spaces

Coronavirus: How to Protect Yourself in Top 10 Spaces

Faced with the double pressure of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic and the epidemic of flu in Autumn and Winter, everyone should consciously strengthen self-protection and adhere to the three basic protective measures of “Wearing a mask, Maintaining social distance, and Paying attention to personal clean.”

At the same time, under such a severe situation, in the upcoming year-end holidays, it is inevitable to go out for shopping and travel, so you need to consider how to spend a safe holiday.

1. Public transportation (Bus, Subway, Taxi, and Plane

  • To Wear a mask all the time when taking public transportation;
  • Actively cooperate with the prevention and control measures, temperature measurement for example;
  • Minimize contact with public goods and pay attention to hand cleaning;
  • When taking buses or taxis, you can open windows appropriately Keep it ventilated.

2. Workplace

  • Wearing masks when taking elevators or entering other crowded areas;
  • Strengthen ventilation to keep public areas and office areas clean and tidy;
  • Regularly clean and disinfect public office facilities such as photocopiers and telephones;
  • Reduce meetings or control the scale of meetings, and participate Keep a certain distance between participants, and keep windows open for ventilation during the meeting.

3. School

  • Students should comply with the prevention measurement of CDC, local government and the School administration;
  • To seek medical attention if symptoms such as fever occur;
  • Wearing masks in public spaces in the campus, library, and canteen for example;
  • Classrooms and dormitories should be ventilated and disinfected;
  • Wash hands frequently without touching eyes, mouth and nose with dirty hands;
  • Avoid any kind of gathering.

4. Medical institutions

  • Doctors should understand the medical treatment process in advance and shorten their stay in the medical institution;
  • Enter the medical institution should cooperate with the measurement of body temperature, and wear masks throughout the process;
  • Wash hands frequently or use hand-washing disinfectants to keep hand clean

5. Shopping mall (Supermarket)

  • Make a shopping list in advance to reduce stay time;
  • Choose shopping malls (supermarkets) with good ventilation and clean environment;
  • Wear masks in relatively closed places and crowded places;
  • Try to keep a social distance of more than one meter with others when shopping;
  • Avoid using dirty Touch your eyes, nose and nose;
  • Try to use non-contact electronic payment methods.

6. Restaurant

  • Choose a place with a large distance and good ventilation;
  • Avoid crowding, you can dine off-peak or take out to eat;
  • Clean your hands before eating;
  • Try to use the code scanning order and non-contact electronic payment method.

7. Theater

  • Make an appointment for ticket purchase in advance,
  • Cooperate with the measurement of body temperature;
  • Wear masks throughout the movie and drama, and minimize eating and drinking;
  • Enter and exit in an orderly manner, avoid crowds, and maintain social distance;
  • Wash hands promptly after contact with public goods No need to touch your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands.

8. Exhibition Center

  • Make an appointment in advance for ticket purchases, and measure your body temperature;
  • Wear a mask during the exhibition;
  • Pay attention to social distancing with others and avoid gathering together;
  • Wash your hands in time or use hand-washing disinfectant to maintain hand hygiene, and do not touch eyes with dirty hands.

9. Hotel

  • Choose a hotel with better sanitary conditions;
  • Cooperate with the prevention and control measures adopted by the hotel such as temperature measurement;
  • Take the elevator;
  • Wear a mask;
  • when entering the room, you should open the window for ventilation;
  • Use your own water cups, towels and other personal items;
  • Try your best Use non-contact electronic payment methods.

10. Home

  • Always open windows for ventilation to keep the home environment clean;
  • Wash your hands regularly when you go home, before eating and after going to bed, and after touching fresh ingredients;
  • Separate raw and cooked foods, and cook seafood, aquatic products, and meat and eggs thoroughly;
  • keep masks, hand-washing disinfectants and other anti-epidemic items at home;
  • Keeping checking the health of whole family, and seek medical attention if symptoms such as fever.

At present, the second outbreak of the epidemic in Europe and the United States is very serious. Countries have begun strict isolation measures. When you can not go outdoors, try not to go out. There are many things you can do at home.