Coronavirus Sequelae: Loss of Smell and Taste

Coronavirus Sequelae: Loss of Smell and Taste

Many people are not sure about the sequelae of the new coronavirus. The new coronavirus can damage almost any part of the body, such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, etc., which may leave sequelae in any part. Among them, many people will lose their sense of smell and taste after being infected with the new coronavirus. After the disease is cured, the sense of smell and taste can slowly recover. And this recovery time, no expert can be sure how long it will be, then it may be a lifetime.

Marta Batista, a 21-year-old girl from Lisbon, Portugal, now lives in West London, England. She is a drama student and plans to be an actress in the future.

Batista was infected with the new coronavirus in March this year. Fortunately, the symptoms were not serious, but some fever and weakness. And Batista soon discovered a problem that her sense of smell and taste disappeared! Even if there is no blocked nose, there is still no smell.

At that time, she put the oatmeal and raisins in yogurt. The original taste was sweet and sour, but Batista could not taste anything, nor could she smell the yogurt. Then she tried to eat her favorite desserts, as well as the traditional delicacies made by her grandparents, but no matter how she tasted and smelled, she could neither taste nor smell it.

Later, with the recovery of the COVID-19 disease, Batista’s sense of smell and taste should have been slowly restored, but she was an exception. It has been 7 months since she was ill in March to recover, and now it has been 7 months, but Batista’s sense of smell and The sense of taste has never been restored.

Since June, Batista said that she can only smell particularly strong smells, such as perfumes, but there is a smell of “rotten plastic” in her nose, and nothing tastes delicious. Batista usually doesn’t like to eat vegetables. Fruits, but at that time I had no appetite for anything, so I could only drink fruits and vegetables into green juices.

This look makes Batista very distressed. She said that when she eats, she can only feel the texture of the food, just like chewing rubber in her mouth, which is not fun at all. That makes Batista no longer go out to drink or eat dinner with friends, because now for her, eating is just a means of sustaining life, not enjoyment.

Because eating made her feel sick, Batista was forced to lose weight. She weighed 57 kilograms before she fell ill, and lost 7.7 kilograms after she fell ill. Now she weighs less than 100.

According to statistics from clinics across the UK, one percent of people still cannot recover their sense of smell and taste after six months of illness.

Batista is also at a loss for her rare symptoms. Now that medical resources are scarce, the doctor has no time to deal with her problems. After all, the doctor seems to have “healed”. This is just a sequelae.

“It’s terrible. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I’m really anxious thinking about it.”

“I am really thin now, which makes me more anxious.”

What Batista is most worried about now is that her sense of smell and taste will not recover in this life. She dreams that one day she can taste the taste of food again.

Therefore, getting the new coronavirus is very dangerous and the symptoms are also very painful. It is better to protect yourself as much as possible. The best result is not getting sick.